KING TREK Trailers Manufacturer Profile...

One of the most outstanding trailer builders on the market, the stylish King Trek Trailers' products are deceptive in what they offer in space and utility.

Built in Brisbane's south at Underwood, they are the work of a former Springbok Norm Blizard and his wife Joan, and they reflect a keen effort to make the neatest trailers on the market.

On the drawbar is a nosecone that is a fine example of a well designed folded steel structure. Big enough to contain a 35 litre fridge and other equipment, it is similarly dust sealed and lockable, like the neat lids on the main section of the trailer.

Despite the strength built into our custom built trailers, with their galvanised and powder coated chassis and body, they can be light enough at 400kg to be towed by a 4 cylinder car. Most, however, would be utilising its full off road capabilities, and to this end it has a proper swivel hitch fitted.

After a decade of building these units for the Australian market, the Blizards have really come to grips with understanding the needs of their customers.

Another innovation from King Trek is the coating of all surfaces that may be likely to cop a sand and stone -blasting on rugged roads, with a surface that will survive under these conditions

So, if you're in the market for a dog trailer / dog float, or customised lockable leisure or work trailer that is both practical and stylish, contact us... You're sure to be impressed.